Drac Boy is hungry, but not for blood...

Introducing Drac Boy, the cupcake munching undead son of Dracula in his first ever action platformer game. 


  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move
  • Use LEFT SHIFT to run faster (consumes Vampire Power)
  • Tap SPACE to jump press space again to double jump
  • Press to turn into a bat (consumes Vampire Power)
  • Tap SPACE while in bat mode to fly higher


Drac Boy befriended an innocent town girl and since then he has given away his desire for blood. In order to fill his thirst he must consume loads of sugar and the best source that Drac Boy has found is sweet, delicious, crumbly cupcakes.

Drac Boy has learned that the towns Cupcake Baker is entering the World Record Book for the world's largest cupcake. His days of hunger could be over from this one tasty treat. And so he sets off on a quest to find this massive cupcake. But he cannot let his Papa find out where he is going or he'll discover his cupcake secret.

The baker has accidentally dropped cupcakes on his daily delivery run, perfect for Drac Boy to follow to his goal. The cupcakes are so good they give Drac Boy access to his Vampire Powers enabling him to get to the Bakers House quickly before the sun rises. Papa has many diabolical traps for humans left laying around, they cannot hurt Drac Boy, but they will slow him down. If Drac Boy cannot find a way to the giant cupcake tonight, he can always go to sleep and start over the following night. Although his tummy will be rumbling and echoing down the halls of the great Vampire Castle...let's just hope Papa doesn't hear it...


  • Collect the cupcakes to activate your Vampire Powers
  • Try to beat the level in under the Level Time and without using Start Over to get a maximum level rank
  • Find the key to unlock any locked doors
  • Watch out for Papa Drac's traps!
  • When in Bat Mode you will see into the underworld, hidden hints to complete the level will become apparent

Using special abilities will consume your Vampire Powers, there are a finite amount of cupcakes per level so use them wisely. If you get stuck, press the Start Over button to go to sleep, it will hurt your rank, but you get another go with all cupcakes freshly baked and in place for you.


Built around the themes of "Change your perspective",  "Violence replaced as non-violence" and "Let's try this again".


Game design by

  • Andrew Wagstaffe
  • Sujoy Chakraborty
  • Mahima Chandrashekar
  • Yijie Wei
Made withUnity